Paris-born Producer documents life of iconic fashion designer

One of the the films nominated in the Best Documentary category was “The United States of Elie Tahari” from New York-based filmmaker David Serero. Originally hailing from Paris, France, David served as both director and producer of the film. But making films isn’t his only artistic endeavor.

David is also an opera singer, who found his way into the theatrical world when he started directing and producing for stage. With nearly 100 productions of musicals, plays and operas in his repertoire, “The United States of Elie Tahari was his first film, but now he has six more in production. I recently caught up with David to talk about his burgeoning career as a filmmaker and discuss fashion in film.

  1. If you did not attend school, what was your path to filmmaking? I learned as I went with that film. I learned how to edit films, which was a strong help and asset for me as I was able to try out different versions of the film and always present the best version.
  2. What motivated you to become a filmmaker? The desire to tell a story and make it travel worldwide. When you do a show in theater, you’re “limited” to the audience in the room who is coming on that day. But I need the live audience. For films, people can watch your work years later, anywhere in the world. It’s easier to make travel a link than 10 actors!
  3. Describe your first film project and what you learned from that experience. It’s a documentary on fashion designer Elie Tahari. I admire his desire and ambition. This is the power of the American dream. I learned that everything is possible with a big smile.
  4. Are you inspired by a filmmaker or film, and if so what are they and how did they inspire you? I’m mostly inspired by the stage. I earned my independence on stage by doing classics and creating new pieces. I’m coming to movies with the same spirit.

    Elie Tahari Spring 2020 runway show during New York Fashion Week.

  5. How did you come to work on your film that won a FashFilmFete™ award? It’s a great honor and privilege to be part of this important film festival and so grateful to Mignon Gould for this honor.
  6. What is next for you? Do you have any current projects in the works? I just finished an off-broadway production of “The Ten Commandments The Musical”, which I directed and produced. I have now six new films in production that I’m working on, finishing the editing, and continuing on filming.
  7. How do you believe fashion played a role in your film? Fashion is brought the film as far I’m concerned. It’s fashion that unites people.
  8. Did you work with a costume designer or fashion stylist in your film? If so, who did you work with? Not really, I was passionate by the story of Elie Tahari.
  9. Share advice to other aspiring filmmakers. Don’t be afraid to test your film and to re-edit and make cuts on your film even months later.
  10. What are your thoughts on the state of diversity in fashion and/or film today? More than ever, diversity is a power. The more diverse, the better.
  11. When you are not working on films, what do you like to do? I’m either on stage or working on recordings. If I’m really doing nothing else, I’m sleeping!

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