When it comes to designing costumes and styling characters for film, it can be pivotal to making the character believable and relatable. Where a writer and a good script can make you fall in love—or hate in the case of a villain—a great costume designer can make a character come to life on screen. On the The Chic Spy FashFilmFete founder interviewed and featured myriad film insiders including costume designers. Here are quotes from some of those interviews with costume designers.

For period pieces, I go to fashion and costume libraries, looking up old media and illustrations, and going to museums to see the clothes themselves. Inspiration is everywhere. Olivia Miles, “Shaft” (2019) Costume Designer

I created replicas of dresses I had designed for Princess Diana…that are Diana-esque. The type of things she would have preferred. Jacques Azagury, “Diana” (2018) Costume Designer

I wanted to use British designers because I wanted to champion British fashion. I do think it’s extraordinary, the fashion we have here, it’s very atypical. We’re quite quirky and eclectic. Rebecca Hale, “Absolutely Fabulous” (2016) Costume Designer

The costumes help transport you to that era and time and especially in this film where everyone knows many of Jackie’s iconic outfits. Madeline Fontaine, “Jackie” (2016) Costume Designer

I wish they had a credit at the end of every runway show, where everyone would be acknowledged, like in a film, but fashion is different. Frédéric Tcheng, “Dior and I” (2014) Costume Designer

You want the character to be the focus, not the clothes. On a movie like ‘Transformers” it has to be fashionable, clean, a great look–and the actors look fantastic. Lisa Lovaas, “Transformers: Age of Extinction” (2014) Costume Designer

When you’re working with a director and you’re trying to interpret his vision…inspiration is always how the director envisions telling a story and your job is to help support that telling. Catherine Martin, “The Great Gatsby” (2013) Costume Designer

I won’t tell you it will be a fashion movie, but it will involve very well-dressed people for sure. Fabien Constant, “Mademoiselle C” (2013) Costume Designer

[Fukunaga] said it would be great if when you’re designing for Jane Eyre, think of the surroundings and reflect the buildings she’s living in. Michael O’Connor “Jane Eyre” (2011) Costume Designer.

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