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Moe the Mōs goes behind the scenes of NYFW fall ’21 to uncover all the work it takes to put on a fashion show.

Maurice Porcher, AKA Moe the Mōs, was born in Harlem, New York in 1978. Most of his formative years were spent in the mixed middle-class neighborhood of Teaneck, New Jersey. He attended Norfolk State University for a stint, and decided to leave school early to pursue a music career.

After releasing a solo project entitled HIStory in 2013, Maurice went back to his roots in writing and poetry. In 2018, he became a published author by writing a young adult anti-novel named ‘Entendre’. In March of 2019, along with his best friend Karim Staine, Maurice started an artist collective named PAINE ARTISTRY. PAINE ARTISTRY is the self-proclaimed voice of artistic struggle, and through resources, content, and merchandise they encourage all artists to ‘own their struggle’ in order to own their craft.

Maurice travels the world searching for new adventures while documenting anything and everything worth discovering! It’s these journey’s that are imperative to his writing process, as his experiences with many diverse cultures have expanded the scope of his reality. Moe’s newfound perspectives are captured in his poetry, writings, and reflections.

Combining his gift for storytelling, his artistic platform of Paine Artistry, and his passion for world travel, Moe came up with the docu-series OPUSXTRAVELXART. As the creator and host of the show, Maurice curates the creative journey of each starring Artist. By doing so, he provides the story behind the Art that we love, bridging the gap between Artists and enthusiasts.

Director: Maurice Porcher


August 21, 2023

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